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Flatbed Towing

We offer emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will always answer your call. Our years of experience and customer service are a few of the reasons we are preferred by most automobile dealerships and motor clubs throughout the area.


Tire Change 

A flat tire is one of the many annoyances of driving, and maybe you don't know how to change a flat tire. If this is a situation you're faced with, call the professionals at Kovi Towing LLC. We are here for you 24/7.


Equipment Transport

If you need equipment or freight transported from one job site to the next, we can provide same day service. Whether it’s contractor equipment, generators, lifts, tractors or sheds, we’ve got you covered.



A dead battery or a broken alternator could be the reason your car won’t turn on. Our professionals are experienced and carry jump boxes to get into tight spaces to get your car running in no time at all. 


Fuel Delivery

It’s a horrible feeling when you realize you forgot to check your tank and you get stranded. Give us a call if you are stuck and we will be there with gas or diesel for your vehicle in no time.


Want cash for your old vehicle? Instead of investing money into an old, used car, get paid to salvage it. Use your cash to buy a newer and safer vehicle for you and your family.



We understand that getting your car stuck can sometimes be embarrassing and irritating, but you can always count on us to dig your car out and get you back on the road.



Sometimes we get careless when we lock things in our car, and it happens to just about everyone. If you end up locking your keys in your car, or other things of importance, call Kovi Towing LLC right away to get what you need.

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Kovi Towing LLC offers private property impound towing for illegally parked vehicles in places like shopping complexes, gated communities and townhouse/condo associations in accordance with the Predatory Towing Prevention Act.

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